Programs: Day

Aerospace Engineering Summer Program

Aerospace Engineering Summer Program

Take a closer look at aerospace engineering and learn the basic principles of aerodynamics and flight mechanics from RPI faculty who are leaders in the field.

Architecture Career Discovery Program

Learn about the theory of architecture, computing and simulation, freehand and extreme drawing, building ecologies and design.

CURENT-Smart Grid

Learn how the electric grid is being adapted to incorporate renewable sources such as solar arrays and wind turbine farms!

Polymer Chemistry Research Experience

Experience one week of intense research in Rensselaer's state of the art polymer center and enhance your awareness of plastic recycling issues.

3D Printers

Product Innovation: Immerse, Design, and Make

Identify real-world problems and design, create, and market new products through mock-ups! Bring your ideas to life!


Exploring STEAMM Careers

Discover interdisciplinary career paths that crosscut science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, and medicine.

3D Printing and the Chemistry of the Periodic Table

Explore the chemistry of the periodic table and the properties of chemical elements through use of 3D design and printing.


Expand your creative interest in LEGO® building elements and learn technical fundamentals of programming and construction!