Exploring STEAMM Careers by Inventor's Studio

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Discover interdisciplinary career paths that crosscut science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, and medicine.
July 20-31, 2020 | Two-Week Program

This program, which is open to rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, gives students an opportunity to explore cutting-edge interdisciplinary topics and career paths that integrate disciplines in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, and medicine. This is an inventor's studio, project-based program that combines hands-on discovery with classroom learning. 

The program facilitates students to think outside the box, to invent, and go beyond a single discipline, realizing their potential as interdisciplinary engineers and scientists. Over the course of two weeks, participants will learn about a variety of undergraduate majors and career paths from a team of Rensselaer faculty working across departments. Students will also work on small-group projects and present their research and findings at the conclusion of the program. The program also places a strong focus on developing effective written technical communication and presentation skills. 

For additional details regarding the Rensselaer undergraduate experience, in a place where students and faculty collaborate to find solutions to the most pressing technological challenges we face today in energy, biotechnology, materials, information technology and management, and complex systems, visit the Office of Admissions at Rensselaer.

Program Details

Prerequisites: Students looking to explore a career in engineering, science, technology, and especially their crosscutting, innovative disciplines are encouraged to apply for this program. Applications will be selected based on GPA, science/tech/engineering/math related activities, student response questions, teacher reference forms, and communication skills. Telephone interviews may also be conducted to evaluate communication skills.

Please note: Students should submit their online applications before sending any supplemental information. Once a student has been accepted into a program, they may provide supplemental information such as recommendation letters, transcripts, and so on.  Note that documents can be photocopies and need not be originals. Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed, so be sure to follow the application directions carefully.

Accepted students should register as soon as possible after admission. Once a student has been accepted, they will receive a link providing additional information.

Application link: https://rpi.regfox.com/apply-2020

If you have any questions on how to submit your application, please contact Summer@Rensselaer by calling (518) 276-6809 or via email.

Commuter cost: 1,300.00

There is a $425.00 non-refundable deposit required in order to reserve your spot in the program, once the student is academically accepted. Please note that this cost includes tuition, field trips, and program materials only; commuters must furnish their own transportation to and from campus. Check-in will be on Monday morning; check-out will be on Friday, after a final presentation.

Residential cost: $3,270.00

There is a $425.00 non-refundable deposit required in order to reserve your spot in the program, once the student is academically accepted. This cost includes tuition, program materials, field trips, room and board, and all residential activities. Check-in will be on Sunday afternoon prior to the start of the program; check-out will be on Friday, after a final presentation.

Accepted students will receive information regarding accommodations, arrival/departure times, and full program details upon registration. Please note that all students will be required to submit health and medical information (including immunization records) before arrival on campus. All residential students must possess medical insurance.

Dr. Li (Emily) Liu is a Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics in Rensselaer's Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering. Professor Liu's research interests include: use of Neutron, X-ray, and Dynamic Light Scattering in nanotechnology and polymer science, such as soft colloidal systems; Molecular Dynamics to Phase-Field simulations of nuclear fuel and cladding materials; radiation damage; experimental validations of nanoscale to mesoscale simulations; energy policy and energy related economic issues; and the measurements and calculations of inelastic neutron cross sections.

Dr. Asish Ghosh is a Professor of Practice in Rensselaer's Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Ghosh, whose research focus includes technology and product innovation, product/process design and analysis, and mechanical properties of materials, also leads the undergraduate Inventor's Studio course series at Rensselaer.

Jasmine Yang is a Sr. Institutional Research Analyst within Rensselaer's Office of Institutional Research.

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